Thursday, July 14, 2011

The last 3 Weeks and July isn't over yet...

Lake Powell for the Bell Family Reunion was a blast. We had lots and lots of fun. Colton of course was in the water right away and I had a hard time getting him out. William suprisingly was the same way. He usually doesn't like to get into the water, but has been much better since. Jayden who loves the water wasn't quite sure about it. We could never get him to be comfortable with getting his feet in the water. The boys went tubing and had a blast. Squirt guns, anklets, BBQ, and more wind than anyone should have to deal with. But it was great. My Aunt Julie got engaged and we are so happy for her. Jade brought his girlfriend Malory...who we love. Lots of swimming and goofing off. What a great time.
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Then we came back on Sunday...worked, worked, worked and then went to the Walter Family Reunion. What fun as well. We played gamed, jumped off roofs, broke a pinata, rope swing, relay competition (which we won the title back...3 out of 4 years, not to bad), shot gun shoot, chili cook off, friends, family, and it all ended with a bang. A really big one. The fireworks were great. It started like always, the cannon 3 times then the rally car with fireworks going off, then my brothers and Scott got out and our cousins disputed that they could start the fireworks better than them and shot an arrow out to the fireworks and the show began. It was fun. Patriotic music and a wonderful show. I did decide that next year it's a blanket on the grass instead of the chairs though. My neck was hurting by the end.(We are only 100-200 yards away from where they are shooting them off, right up close and personal). It was a blast. Busy time, then the next Monday was the parade. We rode in the Jeep with my Dad, Joel had his Baja Bug, Jaycen his 3-wheeler and Trent rode his bike. Then we had races, games and fun. We were so worn out that we honestly are still trying to recover. Just a couple weeks break, then Montana, school shopping, and Colton will be off for Kindergarden. I can't believe he is so big. He is excited...I can't decide. What a summer to say the least. Lots of fun!!! Jam packed!
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4th of July Parade and activities. We all had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A busy month for sure!

Well you must have thought that I forgot all about our blog this past month. Well I haven't it's just been crazy. For starters we went to Montana. What a blast. It was bad weather for most of the time but it was fun. We went to the museum there, which the boys loved. We played with all the cousins, ate way to much and had a blast. I of course froze to death, but that is another story in itself. Then Scot's parents came back home with us. We stopped and went grocery shopping along the way and it was quite crowded on the way home due to the 8th passenger. A 5 foot teddy bear for Jayden's birthday. Yes Jayden is 1. I can't believe it myself. He is so big and gets around like a champ. Also Colton turned 5 on our trip to Montana. He thought that was pretty cool. Not only that but it was Grandpa HJ's birthday by his which was so cool. My boys sure do love them and couldn't get enough of them. So then we made it home. We were all so tired we didn't do much but unpack for a couple of days. Then on the days that we had stuff planned it snowed and was horrible weather. We did end up driving out to Escalante. Which was a lot of fun. (P.S. just spilled D. Coke all over the computer. Still working so that is a plus). Colton and William were so sad when Granny Nancy and Grandpa HJ had to leave. They cried for a while after they left and wanted them to come live with us. The next day that I worked Colton asked, well mom who is going to watch us, Granny Nancy and Papa HJ are gone? He was quite distraught about it. They are already making plans for next time they come and visit. How fun it was. Now about that freezing all the time. Come to find out that my thyroid went cuput!!! Yeah, but is sure does explain how I have been feeling for quite some time now. I'm doing much better and each day is better than the first since I started my Synthroid. I am truly greatful for modern medicine and what it does to help. So now we are starting to get back to normal life. No more full time for me, Scott is back to his normal schedule. Colton is practicing for school. William is rhyming like a pro (he thinks it's so awesome that he knows how to rhyme now), and Jayden is seeing if he can outgrow his 18 month clothes. Kinda skipped the 12 month clothes. He was in them all of 1 month. Now off to getting the yard in, camping, reunions and birthdays, not to mention school in the fall. A busy summer ahead but tons of fun!!! Can't wait!